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Welcome to Doctor Jay's Comedy Milieu! 

Greetings! Whether you are looking for a fun game night in or out, or if you are a teacher looking for Act 48 professional development hours, you found the right milieu. We offer a variety of in-person and virtual entertainment and educational opportunities and all you have to do is show up. Grab your friends, colleagues, or frenemies and get ready for a fun night you won't soon forget!

About Us


Mission Statement

To provide high-quality edutainment by combining original comedy content and educational activities as well as provide consulting services to an underserved population. 


Philosophy & Values

Doctor Jay's Comedy Milieu strives to be a positive influence and source of information for citizens in urban, low-income, and minority communities. Our philosophy is to ensure that every citizen is given equal opportunity and access to the same resources regardless of gender, where they live, their family's socioeconomic status, or their education level. 


Vision Statement

To enhance the quality of life and provide educational, financial, and informational opportunities to low-income and minority citizens through educational programming and original comedy content. 

What Happens at the Milieu?


Trivia Shows

Our fully interactive and engaging trivia games will allow you to earn bragging rights within your social groups and beyond. All you need is a mobile device or PC/laptop and you can watch the scores update live. Choose from our list of original trivia topics such as 90s Hip Hop Trivia, Martin Lawrence Trivia, or Yacht Rock Trivia, or give us a theme and we will make a game specifically for you and your crew!


Game Shows

Our signature game show, Friend, Family, Follower: The Comedy Game show is a fun and interactive way for you to find out who really knows you best. This game can be performed in-person or virtually. To play, you need a  Guest of Honor and 3 contestants, and feel free to invite an audience! 


Professional Development

As an Act 48-approved provider, we provide professional development courses for PA-certified teachers and anyone who works with students of any age. Our course, "Stand-up & Improv for Teachers!" uses a combination of humor theories, learning theories, and student engagement theories for teachers to use in the classroom, which can be performed virtually or in person. 

Feel like you need more information? Contact us!

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Current Events

On August 9, 2023, Dr. Hankerson had the pleasure of appearing as a guest on "The Doc Chat Bonus:  How do I navigate the Doctorate process from the start?", a weekly series interviewing Doctoral Degree holders on various topics. On this episode, I share stories about my success, failures, and milestone moments of my journey to Doctor Jay. Check out the YouTube episode here! 

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