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Hey from Doctor Jay!

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My name is Janear, and I am a Doctor. Calm down, not that kind of doctor, my doctorate is in education which means I'm still broke. Check out the squares below to learn a little about me and Doctor Jay's Comedy Milieu. Have fun!

This is me at the top of a mountain!


The "Boring


Education and Work Background

Ok, so this part is going to sound a little bit like a resume...because it is. My work history focuses on non-profit accounting (that's a story for another website) and education. While in my doctorate program, my research focused on student engagement, classroom management, and the use of comedy in the classroom. Through this research, I created a professional development training for teachers that shows them how to use comedy theories, student engagement theories, and learning styles to make their lessons more entertaining, which you can read more about here.  After that exciting lead-in, I am sure you all want to read my dissertation so feel free to click here and breeze through all 160+ pages that took two years of my life.

The "Fun Stuff"

You are probably wondering what made me want to study teachers' use of comedy in the classroom. In 2011 I got myself a camera and decided I was going to create a sketch comedy show. That's what happens when the sketch comedy show "In Living Color"raises you. I started writing and taking writing classes, and by 2016 I completed my first full-length feature screenplay. In 2017 I took an Intro to Stand Up class and started working on performing in addition to writing. I went to open mics (where I won 1st place for attendance), I performed in stand-up shows, and I even co-created an accounting-flavored comedy show called "Financial Advice for Criminals" which people are still talking about. I created an original game show "Friend, Family, Follower: The Comedy Game Show" and was all set to debut on March 27, 2020, but then the world kinda ended. But it was cool because then I made a stage in the corner of my bedroom and I transitioned to virtual comedy and performed stand-up, improv, and several episodes of Friend, Family, Follower on Zoom. I currently have over 60 shows (trust me, I keep a spreadsheet) and countless open mics and rehearsals under my belt. I even made a special comedy resume when I auditioned for Wild'n Out, which you can read here. Oh, Nick didn't pick me but that's all good because I might have been baby mama number #5. 

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One last thing...

Well, now you know more than you probably thought you were going to know about me, but it's all relevant. I hope you enjoy the rest of the site and the services offered. Any questions, feel free to contact me.

Have fun! 

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