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"Friend, Family, Follower: The Comedy Game Show" is the game show where the Guest of Honor finds out who has really been paying attention. Join your host, Janear Hankerson as she quizzes panelists on personalized questions about the guest of honor. Friends, family members, social media followers- we all have them, but which one knows you best?

Friend Family Follower Logo (1).jpg

what is it?

A game show where the contestants answer questions about the Guest of Honor and the contestant with the most points wins the game.

who should ATtend?

The Guest of Honor, a friend, a family member, and a social media follower (someone you know but don't know know). The Guest of Honor will decide if they would like to invite an audience to watch the game.

where is it?

Virtually on Zoom, in person in your clean and spacious game room, or we can find a venue and make it a whole night out!

Why would I play?

1) You find out who pays attention to you the most and knows you best, 2) You get to play a game all about you without having to plan it, and 3) Either way, it's a win-win!

Check out this promo from a previous show, that explains the game show in a nutshell. For examples of previous shows, check out the Photo & Media Gallery page or the Doctor Jay Comedy Milieu YouTube page here.

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