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A fun, interactive, random game night is right around the corner for you with Doctor Jay's Comedy Milieu. Using a PC or mobile device, everyone can play solo or your crew can be divided into teams. Choose one of our original trivia themes or pick your own- we promise not to judge you if you are a bit obsessed with the Real Housewives franchise or discontinued beverages (looking at you Crystal Pepsi). Contact us below to book your show!

Trivia Shows

Do you feel that your vast knowledge of TV show spin-offs and discontinues beverage products (looking at you Crystal Pepsi? is being totally wasted? Well then you've come to the right milieu. Whether you chose in-person, virtual, or a hybrid, we have all the tools to provide an engaging, entertaining game nightfor you and your crew. 

what is it?

A multi-round interactive trivia game based on a theme of your choice. Choose from our list of themes or provide a theme and  we will customize a trivia game just for you and your crew. 

who should be there?

Any group of people you choose! Make it a family night, couples game night, your sports teammates, co-workers, or college frenemies- any crew you want!

where is it?

Virtually, in-person at your large and clean game room or patio deck, an agreed upon venue, or if you can't get everyone in the same room chose the hybrid option!

why would I attend?

You want to add something new and fun to game night. Maybe you want to spend quality time with your crew but not sure what to do. Or, you want to show off your knowledge of useless facts. Either way, plan for a great night in or out!

What Trivia Themes Do You Have at the Milieu?

I am glad you asked! Check out the list below: 

  • 90's Hip Hop Trivia

  • Martin Lawrence Triva

  • Yacht Rock Trivia

  • 80s Movies Trivia 

  • Romantic Comedy Movie Trivia

  • Sports Trivia

  • TV Show Spinoff Trivia

  • Rapper Turned Actor Trivia

  • Vh1 Reality Show Trivia

  • Award Show Trivia

  • ...or give us a theme and we'll make it for you!

Feel like you need more info? Contact us!

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